be , Business English School, offers a proven educational model for entrepreneurs and executives who want to expand their horizons by learning to do business in English. The main objective of each course is to convey essential skills, implementing techniques to enhance student confidence. In this way, the student simultaneously acquires and refines terminologies while obtaining tools that can be applied beyond the classroom. This enables learning objetives to be reached effectively.

be aims to be the role model, implementing new and dynamic learning systems for business entrepreneurs in the Mexican market.


Our philosophy is to partner with our customers, increasing their ability to interact and identify opportunities, up to a professional level. Help your employees become even greater value for your company. They will be now your international ambassadors when you have to do business in the global market. We provide personalized and interactive learning so that our customers receive the best education and service.

Method / Structure

be offers a personalized Professional English for Business system, designed to educate and train executives who need to improve their English in business.
The nature of the product offers the possibility of learning and constant growth through a series of courses that focus on key aspects when carrying out any negotiation in English as well as techniques for building confidence and achieving apply in the when necessary.

Our method offers a combination of theory, practice, dramatization, role-play, and multimedia in order to increase awareness of the individual and focus on negotiations, allowing participants to practise and apply the theory in real world situations.







    This course offers a unique learning experience. You will be trained by professional teachers to increase your skills and learn high business standards in English that you can apply to your profession every day.

    Learn techniques to build or strengthen your confidence in public effective. These courses are designed for complete interaction, combining theoretical and practical learning and support for all multimedia materials.
    The course includes:

    • Presentations and stimulating confidence
    • Meetings and virtual communication
    • Leadership
    • Negotiations
    • Sales and Marketing
    • Multicultural Awareness
    • Excellence in Customer Service


  • ENGLISH (all levels)
    Whatever your level of English, our native English language teachers are trained to identify the needs of each student and create an active as opposed to passive learning experience.

    We have the ability to customize courses and materials depending on your level, using dynamic resources and strategies that will help motivate you and move you up to the next level.

    Available on request




    A fully customized course that is built tailored to your individual needs. Do you need to give an important presentation? We provide intensive sessions to make it perfect. Do you communicate in English via E-mail daily with international partners and need to polish your writing? We will design a course focused on improving key aspects of writing and avoiding awkward mistakes! Whatever your work area, we will deliver what you are looking for, when you need it.

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